Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Giant Pac-Man removed after appearing on motorway

Graffiti pranksters sprayed a giant yellow Pac-Man on a newly renovated section of a motorway in Austria over the weekend.

The Pac-Man symbol from the video game series, which became popular as an arcade game in the 1980’s, was sprayed by “unidentified perpetrators” on the A2 motorway in the state of Styria.

Asfinag, the company responsible for maintaining Austria’s roads and autobahns, said that the area of asphalt damaged by the graffiti covered around 400 square metres. It was 12 metres wide and covered all three lanes of the road.

A team from Asfinag removed the paint with a cleaning vehicle equipped with a high pressure hose on Monday. They couldn’t confirm how much it cost to clean the road. Walter Mo─Źnik, a press spokesman for Asfinag, confirmed that the company has contacted the police about the damage and that if the graffiti sprayers can be identified they could be liable to pay for the damage.

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