Friday, November 04, 2016

'Holy image' that appeared on paper towel during storm immortalised on side of a mug

A Holy image that appeared at a man’s time of need has been immortalised on the side of a mug. Stuart Fretwell, from Portland, Dorset, was amongst residents whose homes were pounded by storms in 2014.

As he tore open a fresh roll of paper towels, whilst mopping up water from his leaking roof, he was confronted with a Jesus-like face. Tarpaulin wasn’t stopping the water from flooding in and the kitchen roll face seemed like a lucky omen for Stuart.

At the time, with his roof leaking and problems with his insurance, Stuart said he was assured by the Holy face. But despite his best efforts, the damp conditions in the house meant the face quickly disappeared. At the time, Stuart had the idea to sell mugs with an image of the ‘Portland Shroud’ but couldn’t do it cost effectively.

So for the time being, he has been satisfied with just producing one ‘Holy’ mug – for himself. Stuart said: “I thought of making mugs at the time but I couldn’t find anywhere cheap enough. I’ve just got this one, that’s it.” He said it was nice to have a reminder of the kitchen towel that was a good sign during a time of hardship.

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