Sunday, November 06, 2016

Man's bath interrupted when a fox jumped though the bathroom window

A man was given a shock whilst having a bath in his home. George Sandell, 64, of Worthing, Sussex, was preparing to head out for an evening before he was joined by a fox.

The fox had managed to scale a wall and jump in through the window of the bathroom situated in Mr Sandell’s first floor flat. Mr Sandell said: “I was taking a bath, having a soak, as you do, in preparation for a hot date with my gorgeous girlfriend, Suzie.

“I heard a commotion from outside my bathroom window, and was struck rigid when suddenly through the slight opening, in clamboured a fox and dropped down onto the bathroom floor. The fox was similarly shocked to see me and froze to the spot.

YouTube link.

“I reached for my phone and called Suzie to explain I would be running late as being held captive by fox in bathroom. I filmed the fox as evidence. Once I opened the door I expected the fox to make a bolt for it, but it took some coaxing and a broom to steer it to exiting via the front door. Since then the fox has entered again via the same window.”


Miss Cellania said...

Got me again. I wondered how a fox in a "first floor flat" needed to go downstairs to get out. Then I remembered the language barrier.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how a fox got in a first floor window, specially as it's not a flying fox.