Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Woman who took forklift to move own van that was blocking her driveway arrested for DUI

Police say a woman from Cheyenne, Wyoming, was arrested for DUI at around midnight on Saturday for using a State of Wyoming forklift to move a van that was blocking her driveway.

According to the CPD facebook page, Ashley Basich, who works for the state, went and got an industrial forklift from her employer (without her boss’s knowledge) to move her own van which was blocking her driveway.

It’s not clear whether she used the forklift to move the vehicle because the van wasn’t running or for some other reason. Her neighbours called the police because they were unhappy about the noise she was making at midnight.

Police say she had a cooler of beer in the cab and was wearing flip flops, which is a possible violation of OSHA rules for operating the forklift. The police did not state Basich’s address.


Anonymous said...

... and Donald Trump currently leads in Wyoming, 62% - 23%.

Just thought I'd mention it.


Anonymous said...

Worth pointing out Lurker111 :-D