Friday, November 04, 2016

Woman who's been been celebrating birthday on wrong day for 50 years now more confused

A woman who has been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day for more than 50 years is now even more confused than before. Sandra Blackman, from Bedminster, Bristol, always believed her birthday was on November 10th until her birth certificate arrived with a different date – November 11th.

And now she is even more confused after unearthing an old letter from her school which gives her date of birth as November 12th. 53-year-old Sandra says she is completely bemused by the whole situation, but is still planning to hold a party on November 10, even though it is the wrong day.

Sandra said: "I am more confused than ever before but I am still going to have a good time and a great party. I think it is something that runs in the family. My mum celebrated her birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. My nan had a lot of kids and just got confused with the date.

"It turned out that her real birthday was almost a week later." Sandra went to school at Pen Park School for girls and has just unearthed a letter which was sent to her mother. The letter clearly states her birthday as November 12th. She said: "I have only just got used to having two birthdays so I was stunned to find out I actually have three."

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