Saturday, December 24, 2016

Well, that could probably have been better news

Once again, many thanks for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

I haven't been able to update, as despite constant requests I've been unable to connect my laptop to the internet in hospital. And then, just before lunchtime today, completely out of the blue I was surprising told I could return home for a few days.  So, after being slowly processed on Monday, I was advised that I was seriously anaemic, with added infections and would require several blood transfusions and anti-biotic drips. I had the transfusions overnight on Monday and on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, a very serious doctor and his entourage appeared by my bedside, advising me that x-rays taken on Monday had revealed 'shadows' and that I would be in hospital for at least 10 days.

On Thursday morning another doctor with a much bigger entourage but a more encouraging bedside manner advised me I was immediately going for a CT scan. Later that afternoon they all reappeared and the doctor dropped the bombshelll that I had lung cancer that has spread to some bones and possibly other organs. I was advised it was inoperable, that I would be receiving both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but until I had a lung biopsy it was impossible to say the full extent of what exactly what is what. I was told the biopsy would be at lunchtimeish on Friday. So after a couple of pieces of toast and a cup of coffee at about 5:30am, I was officially 'nil by mouth'. A series of doctors then apppeared saying I had various blood problems, including a clotting problem and that I'd have to have a load of drips of various drugs - including an experimental one that caused me to shake uncontrollably for several hours. Anyway, they eventually took yet another blood sample for testing that would hopefully allow for the biopsy to go ahead. However, they apparently didn't take enough bloood, so several hours later yet another blood test was taken and sent to the lab.

And at 5:45pm I was told that all the technicians had gone home and no biopsy would be taking place until at least Monday. Then just before lunchtime on Saturday (today) a doctor appeared saying that the earliest a biopsy would take place would be Thursday and that I could return home until then. It won't be until a couple or so days after that the full horrors are revealed and the 'nasty' stuff reallly begins. The nurses have been absolutely fantastic, even though they constantly woke me in the middle of the night to stick needles in me, test my blood pressure and repeatedly advise me that I was overheating and needed to take more paracetamol. I'm still in pain and seriously out of breath, but I'm really thankful at being able to return home for a while. I'm going to spend the next few days catching up on a few unwatched films I've recorded on my Digibox and rewatch my favourite three movies - Kes, Withnail and I, and The Blues Brothers. I apologise for not being more cheerful, but sometimes the truth hurts. I hope you all have a great Christmas.



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