Saturday, December 24, 2016

Well, that could probably have been better news

Once again, many thanks for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

I haven't been able to update, as despite constant requests I've been unable to connect my laptop to the internet in hospital. And then, just before lunchtime today, completely out of the blue I was surprising told I could return home for a few days.  So, after being slowly processed on Monday, I was advised that I was seriously anaemic, with added infections and would require several blood transfusions and anti-biotic drips. I had the transfusions overnight on Monday and on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, a very serious doctor and his entourage appeared by my bedside, advising me that x-rays taken on Monday had revealed 'shadows' and that I would be in hospital for at least 10 days.

On Thursday morning another doctor with a much bigger entourage but a more encouraging bedside manner advised me I was immediately going for a CT scan. Later that afternoon they all reappeared and the doctor dropped the bombshelll that I had lung cancer that has spread to some bones and possibly other organs. I was advised it was inoperable, that I would be receiving both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but until I had a lung biopsy it was impossible to say the full extent of what exactly what is what. I was told the biopsy would be at lunchtimeish on Friday. So after a couple of pieces of toast and a cup of coffee at about 5:30am, I was officially 'nil by mouth'. A series of doctors then apppeared saying I had various blood problems, including a clotting problem and that I'd have to have a load of drips of various drugs - including an experimental one that caused me to shake uncontrollably for several hours. Anyway, they eventually took yet another blood sample for testing that would hopefully allow for the biopsy to go ahead. However, they apparently didn't take enough bloood, so several hours later yet another blood test was taken and sent to the lab.

And at 5:45pm I was told that all the technicians had gone home and no biopsy would be taking place until at least Monday. Then just before lunchtime on Saturday (today) a doctor appeared saying that the earliest a biopsy would take place would be Thursday and that I could return home until then. It won't be until a couple or so days after that the full horrors are revealed and the 'nasty' stuff reallly begins. The nurses have been absolutely fantastic, even though they constantly woke me in the middle of the night to stick needles in me, test my blood pressure and repeatedly advise me that I was overheating and needed to take more paracetamol. I'm still in pain and seriously out of breath, but I'm really thankful at being able to return home for a while. I'm going to spend the next few days catching up on a few unwatched films I've recorded on my Digibox and rewatch my favourite three movies - Kes, Withnail and I, and The Blues Brothers. I apologise for not being more cheerful, but sometimes the truth hurts. I hope you all have a great Christmas.



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Anonymous said...

I just want to hug you now.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to hear that you now have a diagnosis. What follows now is successful treatment and recovery.

These things come in time.


Annemarie said...

Im so glad you got help and very sorry to hear the diagnosis.
Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.
Try to enjoy your christmas and your fave films.
Wishing you all the best

Jon Penryn said...

thinking of you and yours... jon (a passing reader of your blog) sending positive waves.

Hught said...

Just chill out in front of the TV and not worry about anything for a little while. You deserve it man!

Have a quite and peaceful Merry Christmas and a much better New Year!


Elena said...

Hey Abroath. I'm praying for your recovery. Stay positive! Lots of hugs. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it, Kevin. Hoping for a treatable prognosis. Sounds like you are good hands with your care team. Rest, rejuvenate. We're here for you.

Yank from San Diego, CA

P.S. I had a cancer diagnosis in December. Took a few weeks before we learned it was a manageable form. Scary time. But I've been thru the chemo and still living with cancer, and all that brings, for 10 yrs now. Wishing you the best, truly.

Helene said...

You are right, just do the things you like and enjoy the little break.
Merry Xmas

Nell said...

I have been thinking about you all week and I'm relieved you've been able to update us. I'm so sorry that it's not better news but hope you will accept the love and concern of your readers. Have a peaceful Christmas and please let us know if there's anything we can do, practically or emotionally, over the coming weeks and months xx

Anonymous said...

Heartbroken to hear this, have followed your blog for years. My thoughts are with you. May you have a peaceful Christmas indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! My wishes for the best!

Anonymous said...

God speed, our thoughts are with you!

xoxoxoBruce said...

Not much feels better than getting home from the hospital, enjoy the respite! Even an unpleasant prognosis is better than not knowing what's going on and your imagination running wild. You've taken the hard step, going to the hospital, now you'll get treatment and be on your way to recovery.

Thanks so much for the update, we've been worried too. We're all pulling for you so let us know if we can help in any way, no matter how large or small.

Enid Verdant said...

Hang in there, Kev, and do what feels right to you. Except cooking meth a la Walter White in Breaking Bad. Don't do that. Keep your pecker up and face whatever comes on your terms, not anyone else's.

mdrosen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems and I wish you the best in your struggle. Please try to enjoy your life as much as you can and please make sure that you get consistent care; I'm a little worries by some of what you've related in your post. All the best, Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year. Please take care.

shak said...

Wow, Kev, I'm so sorry that you've gotten this dreadful news. I'm sure all of us here would like to be kept up to date on how everything is going. Blessings and peace to you. Have a Happy Christmas.

Wietop said...

Sorry to hear about all the procedures you're having to endure, but glad that you finally have a diagnosis. I'm praying for the treatment to be successful. In the meantime, take care of yourself and know that your loyal readers will always be here for you. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

nancy said...

So sorry to hear this news, but I'm so glad you went to the hospital where you will get treatment and they will take good care of you. Wish we could share a Camberwell Carrot to make you feel better. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love from California!

briank said...

So sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you are doing well enough to enjoy the holidays a little bit. Hoping for the best for you.

TheHurt said...

I'm sorry to hear your diagnosis; it must be scary as hell, but hopefully the chemo and everything will work its magic.

I don't comment a lot, but your posts always cheer up my day. You've given so much joy to your readers, and hopefully you see how we're here to support you too. Enjoy your time at home, have a good christmas and if you need anything, even if it's just a chat about the weather (it's raining here... Always.), hit me up.

Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear it wasn't something simpler but it sounds like you have good medical support. Hang in there and have a peaceful Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev! Kudos for getting professional help, that's a huge step forward. Your hospital appears to be the right choice for now, although the internet and some hospitals seem to be incompatible (same here, I'm a nurse and the wifi coverage in my hospital is prehistoric).
My family sends you best wishes! Have some relaxed days off, do the sloth and get better. Good movies help a lot!
Greetings from Germany, Mischa

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to see you update, but heartbroken over the diagnosis. Still, I'm thankful you are home for Christmas. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way every chance I get. Hugs from California.

Zhoen said...

Hug everyone you love, and enjoy your holiday deeply. You have given so much, now focus on your own health and heart. Thank you so much for all you've done here, I very much appreciate this little corner of oddness, always have.


Anonymous said...

Praying for strength for you to get over this. You have touched so many, may you be rewarded many times over. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, Kev.
Cam from Canada

Anonymous said...

I hope you get back on your feet real soon.

Hilda Wagner said...

Ahhh, you don't know me. I have followed you for years. You have touched many lives - you have no idea how many. If it is your time, just know, you did good.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader here. Wishing you all the best and am glad you are getting the treatment you need. As you have touched our lives, I hope in some manner we are touching yours.

Derek said...

I've been a reader for years; your feed has a treasured spot in my RSS reader. I'm glad to hear you have a diagnosis; that's the first step to recovery. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your recent health issues. I've been following your blog for years and it almost always gave me a laugh or a smile. Hope everything works out for the best!

Anonymous said...

Cancer is so often manageable these days--so let's hope for that.

You have given so many just a bit of joy every day with your blog. Thank you for that.

I do wish you the best and I am so glad you are getting help.

From another recluse--A.W.

Meticularius Meticularian said...

At least you kinda know what is going on. For the record: a terminally ill cancer patient in New York in 1977 had six weeks to live. At his request they brought to him every 3-Stooges film they could find. The Stooges were his favorite. For several weeks his laughter filled the room, and the nurses were happy that he was laughing through his last days. After about five weeks, everyone was stunned to find that his cancer had gone into remission. Long story short, he lived. Post hospital studies could only come up with the conclusion that humor saved his life. I had a counselor once who was diagnosed as terminally ill. He was pacing in his room complaining to God: "Why me God? Why me? So many other people are doing bad things. Why me?" My counselor friend said that, while he was alone in his room, a voice came loud and clear. To his question "Why me?" the voice answered: "Because you are you." It caught him off guard and he started laughing. He realized he had been so arrogant and self-centered. Again, long story short, his cancer went into remission and he was alive twenty years later. He retold the story many times. It was one his best stories.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, I had the feeling we'd see a post from you. I'm glad you know some of what's going on with the body. I wish you strength, love and peace, and more than a few good cups of tea. For what it's worth, we're here and we're with you, rooting for you, thinking of you and hoping for you. Keep on.

LuingMan said...

keep fighting, Kev!

Miss Cellania said...

I'll be saying prayers for you, Kev. I hope you have a restful Christmas.

Barbwire said...

My ex husband was diagnosed with liver cancer that had metastacized to his spine, and given six months to live.That was a year and a half ago, and now his tumor is shrinking. Modern medicine is amazing, and it seems to me that you're getting excellent care. You have people all over the world who love your w Enjoy those movies.ork and really care about you. Many of us are praying for you. You have given us years of chuckles and guffaws. With all the good wishes coming your way, and good medical help, I'd say your prognosis is good.
Merry Christmas, Kevin.

Unknown said...

Please take care of yourself and try to relax.

Anonymous said...

Kev - I'm glad you were finally able to post .. so I got one of my Christmas wishes. Know that we're all clicking in several times daily to hear any word of your progress -- and I believe that most of us would like to return to you the many smiles you've given us over the years. Fortunately they've made a lot of progress treating different cancers - unfortunately, technology hasn't progressed enough to allow us to attach hugs to our electronic communications. You'll remain in my thoughts and prayers. Do your best to have a Merry Christmas - J

Anonymous said...

Sending you my best wishes and lots of love. =*****

Jac said...

<3 sending my thoughts. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kev- We are with you during this time. We think of you often and will continue to. Mr & Mrs S. Loris from Wisconsin, USA

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker here, read your blog for years - all your hard work is much appreciated - wishing you the best possible outcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes! I've enjoyed your blog for a long time!

Ratz said...

Thanks for the update Kev, Merry Christmas, though mysterious shadows are a bit of a shit present it has to be admitted. At least you're on their RADAR and the nurses are taking care of you. I hope you have a peaceful and uneventful run up to the new year. I think all things being said, most of us would rather skip 2016.

diana said...

I too will be praying for you Kev. Been reading your blog since I was a wee girl. I work in a hospital and see miracles everyday. Stay strong!

Chuck said...

Kev, doctors know many, many things, but they don't know everything, even when they're staring right at an x-ray. And that's good. My high school best bud, horrible prognosis on pancreatic cancer, lived six strong and pleasant years (pleasant except for the chemo). Attitude, brother! Your fan, Chuck Shepherd

Stinky Cat Food said...

Hope you enjoy Christmas in some fashion

If I could I would teleport you some cake and the finest wine known to humanity

Anonymous said...

Just know there are thousands of people right now hoping the best for you and thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Thanx for letting us know-we are worried about you and need to know what's going on.

Vietvet said...


Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but now you can begin treatment to fight this thing. I can tell you from personal experience that chemotherapy's no fun, but it's so much better these days - not at all as portrayed in in "Breaking Bad" (at least for me, anyway). You just have to put yourself in the doctors' hands now and follow their advice. Hang in there and take care of yourself - you've got a lot of good people pulling for you.

Keep us posted when you can, and all our best wishes for the coming year.

ooonaughtykitty said...

Merry Christmas Kev, I hope you heal quickly. With Nail and I is one of my Faves too! Richard E. Grant is freakin hilarious. Sending you a big hug.


Kevin said...

Hopefully you will feel the hope and feeling all of your long time readers are sending you. Good luck with you treatment and stay strong.

Unknown said...

Hoping for the best for you. Take care.

Daniel said...

Hm... I guess you don't have that view readers after all given all the people who already answered this post... I imagine it must be hard to find some encouragement now, but never forget that life is a very precious and powerful thing, so hold on and reach out to it. We all hope that life will embrace you and bring you good.

Foog said...

Enjoy the movies and the holidays, and know that an absurdly huge number of people you have never met but still connected to through this blog feel nothing but great affection and gratitude towards you. Get well.

Anonymous said...

Medicine can work wonders, so remain optimistic.

You have an incredibly large family praying for you out here !!

Keep posting updates when you can. We care !

Bill in New Mexico

Jane said...

Am glad you have Dx and will soon have a treatment plan. 2 yrs ago I was told I had lung cancer. Turns out I too have a clotting disorder and actually had 3 1.5cm blood clots in my lungs. No cancer. I hope your further test show a manageable situation. We are all pulling for you. Be as well as you can be and keep hope in your heart. I will keep hope for you in mine. Hope is free and no one can take it unless you let them. All the best

Emma said...

So many hugs and well wishes from Canada.
I know our socialized medicines can be less than perfect, but I'm so glad you're somewhere with universal healthcare right now.

I know there's no go fund me or anything, but do you have a post office box?

Take care, well wishes from across the pond!

Anonymous said...

Love Jane Martin's beautiful, hopeful post.
We are all pulling for you!

Ginger said...

Your sense of humor and blog have meant a lot to me over the years. I am so glad that you sought medical help and are now in the process of evaluation and treatment. My sincere hope is that you feel better right away and that you know that many, many people care about you and your well-being. My best to you from New Brunswick, Canada.

Unknown said...

If all the good wishes sent by your many fans could fly across the web and reach you, your recovery would be immediate and complete!!
While waiting for those to arrive .... please reread the post from Meticularius Meticularian. His thoughts on the value of humour are great. Not only does laughter have a very positive effect on illness, but laughing is a wonderful way to spend your time :-) If you tell us your nearby postal box, we'll all send you our favourite funny film to keep you busy!!
Very best wishes for a pleasant time in the hospital, an easy go with the treatments and a relaxing time at home.
Dianne from Canada

handyman said...

Sounds like you're in good hands Kev. Thanks for letting us know how you are, I've been checking in every day to see. Wishing you every success i conquering this. Stay positive and optimistic, anything else is a waste of energy. Looking forward to hearing some good news in the New Year. All the best, Al (Wales/UK)

Descalzo said...

Dear Kev:
(sorry for my bad english and my short vocabulary)
my name is Lucas, i´m from Argentina and i want to send all my best wishes. since the first time i read your blog i become a fan. you gave me literally day´s of curious, funny, and amazing reading. it is very sad the situation you are now but keep fighting, ask for help and be faithfull in anything. thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kev, I've watched and enjoyed your blog for many years now but, I'm a passive fan and whilst I have never commented, I have laughed out loud many a time.
If there's such a thing as Karma, all the good will, prayers and wishes of thousands are sending you good vibes right now. Soak up all that positivity and let it work on you alongside your medicine.
Wishing you all that you would wish for yourself,
Baz (Scotland)

Tom said...

Get well soon!

Always enjoyed your blog.

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