Saturday, January 07, 2017

A quick update while I can hopefully connect

Firstly, I have to say that I’m getting extremely pissed off at my inability to connect to the internet and thus stay in touch. The service offered in the hospital just won’t let me pay for access. I have been able to access their free ten minute preview, but Gmail  obviously doesn’t like the ISP or whatever and the last time much of that time was spent verifying that I am who I am before I was cut off, so I’m pre-pre posting this, will have copied it and hope I can post it in time. With regard to my ordered smartphone from BT, I haven’t even received the courtesy of a text message, so have no idea what’s happening. I would phone them, but my pay-as-you-go mobile only has a tiny amount of credit on it and I know you have to pay to call 0800 free phone numbers. And the only way I know how to top up my phone is via the internet ...
So, I was brought back to the hospital last Thursday and following a blood test was found to be anaemic again so underwent a couple more blood transfusions. The doctors have also continued to try to find the cause of my blood’s inability to clot, giving me many drips of various drugs in an attempt to solve the problem. Then they bought in an expert haematologist who quickly discovered that my blood completely lacks something called Factor F, which aids clotting. Apparently it’s extremely rare for anyone to lack Factor F. Anyway, she specially ordered in some Factor F pills, and all being well my biopsy should eventually take place on Tuesday. Up until now all the treatment I’ve received has been for anaemia and trying to find a way of making my blood clot. I’ve received no treatment whatsoever regarding the cancer, so hopefully following the biopsy and it’s results they can start with the radio and chemotherapy.
Also, since New Year’s Eve I’ve been in a private ward following an extreme moment of human kindness by some nurses after noticing that I was going completely stir crazy at having to listen to the constant inane chat of my then fellow ward companions and their equally tedious visitors. It’s been wonderful to enjoy the peace.
And that’s all the news for now – my biopsy will hopefully take place on Tuesday and following the results, treatment proper will eventually begin. I hope you’re all having a great New Year.


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