Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Genuine Horse Shit Cigarettes

Horse Shit Cigarettes are made from the finest grade of domestic and imported horse shit obtainable. Only fresh midd horse shit is used. NOT MULE SHIT. And they are roasted to keep that mild, sweet taste.

Allegedly they are forty or fifty years old and were available on eBay.

I also found this photo.


Anonymous said...

I remember getting a pack from my sister more than thirty five years ago. She said they were from Mexico. I didn't smoke at that time so I handed them out to my friends who did. Without exception, they commented on the sweetness. They were filterless.
I googled this cause I just came back from a horse race.

Anonymous said...

I had a pack of these that I bought in Mexico in about 1970. They sold for about 10 cents a pack. Inside the horse shit wrapper were "Aero" cigarettes, which were also available for about twice the price. I think it was a tax dodge - they were sold as a novelty instead of a real tobacco product - and all the locals smoked them.

"not a fart in a carload"

Lee Larson said...

I remember these from the early 1970's. We all knew that they were actually tobacco. The general concensus was that they were better than any of the 'regular' brands. Maybe that's why you can't find them today.

Anonymous said...

i had a pack till they were stolen from me by Erik Beeson i think 1988-1989-1990 or so. never seen any again!

Anonymous said...

My dad smoked these when he was a kid in SoCal... Hiding behind his parents garage. We just smoked one from a pack purchased from eBay, it was damn tasty. He's still on a "trip" down memory lane.

Richard Majece said...

I smoked a lot recently cause I lost my sister's phone. It's great that I found and tracked her phone very fast.