Friday, February 12, 2016

Excuse me please

Cat descends from roof

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Lady performs yoga with baby goat

This is Rachel Brathen with Penny Lane the baby goat.

You can watch the video here or here.

Boyfriend joining cult allegedly led to woman removing her pants and attacking him

A Florida woman accused of removing her pants and attacking her boyfriend was jailed after telling investigators her boyfriend joined a cult and she didn’t know how to deal with it, an affidavit states.

Karen Russell, 47, was arrested on Jan. 24 by Indian River County Sheriff’s investigators who went to an incident at her home in Vero Beach. Russell’s boyfriend said they’d been living together but hadn’t been agreeing as of late. He said they were sleeping in separate rooms. He said he got home at about 4pm and smelled vodka in the bathroom.

He went to his room, saying Russell was locked in her room. About five hours later, he said, he was reading his Bible in his bedroom. He said Russell “walked into his room, took her pants off, stated ‘all you want is my (genitals),’ and then began to hit and scratch (him) with her fingernails,” the affidavit states.

Deputies described Russell as “very intoxicated.” She said a deputy had no reason to be there. Asked what happened, Russell said her boyfriend recently joined a cult, the leader of which was not provided, and she didn’t know how to deal with it. Russell was arrested on a battery domestic violence charge.

Basketball team's t-shirt launcher seized by police after being deemed a weapon

For more than a decade an air-powered piece of PVC pipe has, without fear or favour, fired t-shirts into a delighted crowd at home games of the Townsville Crocodiles in Queensland, Australia. But no more. The National Basketball League team was this week forced to surrender its homemade t-shirt cannon to police, after it was deemed a category B weapon. It was an order that left many at the club scratching their heads, general manager Rob Honan said, after it had enlivened home crowds with the promise of free t-shirt for more than a decade without incident.

"The ballistics unit informed the venue that essentially it was a category B weapon and it needed to be handed in, otherwise people in possession of it would be prosecuted," he said. "It was bewildering but it is what it is. But it makes it harder for people to have fun. There is no mechanism that engaged the crowd as much as the t-shirt launcher, which is almost a foundation piece of game day entertainment." Another person's query about obtaining a launcher similar to that owned by the club reportedly alerted police in Townsville to the weapon. In a statement, Queensland Police Service said subsequent inquiries determined it to be a category B weapon.

"A recent determination has been received from the QPS ballistics section that they are category B weapon," the statement read. "Category B weapons need to be licensed and registered, having established a genuine need for possession. Weapons of any category can only be manufactured by a licensed armourer." The determination puts the homemade pipe launcher in the same category as a single shot centre-fire rifle, a double barrel centre-fire rifle, a repeating centre-fire rifle, a break action shotgun and centre-fire rifle combination. Mr Honan said the cannon was powered by a compressed air cannister that could shoot light items, such as t-shirts, about 40 metres.

He believed it would struggle to shoot anything heavier with any significant force. "I think you would be clutching at straws to think you could hurt someone," he said. "I think you would not get enough buildup of gas, it's just a PVC pipe, so it is not like a gun as such. This is really just a mechanism to get giveaways to the back of the crowd." With the club's next home game due to be played on February 11, Mr Honan said the mad scramble was on to replace the popular weapon. "There's a lot of brainstorming happening at the moment, there is no easy solution," he said. "There is potentially a slingshot version, potentially we just pull people from the crowd and gives things away but it really did engage the crowd."

Daddy long-legs spider caught a deadly brown snake in its web

A farmer in Riverina, New South Wales, Australia, has photographed what appears to be nature's version of a David and Goliath battle. The photo, taken over the weekend, shows a daddy long-legs spider stringing up its prey - a lethal brown snake. Farmer Patrick Lees said it was the first time he had seen a spider kill a snake.

"I've heard about it, but I've never seen it, let alone a daddy long-legs," Mr Lees said. The farmer found the snake on his property at Weethalle, near West Wyalong, on Saturday. The snake was a juvenile about one metre long. Mr Lees has left it in the web, where a group of spiders has begun spinning a web over the snake's face and tail.

"I'm not going to deny them their victory," he said. The Australian Museum's arachnology collections manager Graham Milledge said while it was not clear exactly how the snake had died, it was quite possible the spider was responsible. "The most likely scenario is that the snake got entangled in the spider's web. Usually what happens then is the spider will try to wrap the snake and then they'll bite it," Mr Milledge said.

The Australian Museum lists the daddy long-legs spider as carnivorous and predatory. The venom is not particularly potent, despite rumours it is one of the world's most poisonous. "That's an urban myth," Mr Milledge said. "There have been observations where daddy long-legs spiders have caught redbacks in their web, and I guess that's where the myth might have originated from - that if it can kill a redback, it must be more poisonous, but that's not the case."

Possum found living in toilet paper dispenser returned to the wild

A possum which chose to set up home in a toilet paper dispenser in the toilet block of Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia, has been moved to "more spacious accommodation" after being spotted by a cleaner.

The creature appeared to have made itself comfortable in its new home by shredding up some of the toilet paper, so it was probably surprised when the 'door' to the dispenser was opened up.

The cleaner promptly contacted rangers to remove the medium-sized arboreal marsupial and find it somewhere more suitable to live - a box high up in a tree. Ranger Cameron said it was one of the more unusual finds he had come across.

“Rangers often see strange things at times but I was not expecting this following message from the park’s cleaners: “Hi Cameron. There is a possum living inside the paper dispenser of the toilet at the Loop picnic area. Thank you.”

Police release photo of mystery woman after theft of Gog the buggy-riding dog

Detectives searching for a Yorkshire terrier wheeled away in a pushchair have released a picture of a mystery woman they wish to speak to. Gog the dog is a celebrity in Leicester, famed for wearing clothes and being wheeled around by owner Monti Shortt.

But last week someone walked off with the buggy when Ms Shortt briefly popped into the Haymarket Shopping Centre. Leicestershire Police have released an image of a woman with the buggy and appealed for information.

Ms Shortt, 69, who has cancer, said she needs to get her pet back urgently because Gog needs surgery on her knees. Leicestershire Police said the dog was in a navy blue pushchair taken from outside Cafe Nero in Humberstone Gate at about 3:00pm on Friday. "Who is this woman? Do you know where the dog is now?

"Has anyone offered you a Yorkshire Terrier?" a spokesman asked. Speaking earlier this week, Ms Shortt said: "I haven't been without her since I've had her. We come into town regularly and she lights everybody's day up." Ms Shortt's coat, bag and inhalers were also in the stolen buggy but she is only concerned about getting Gog back.

Woman refused entry to Thailand after ripping out pages from passport to use as toilet paper

A British woman was refused entry into, and deported from Thailand by border officers after ripping pages out of her passport to use as toilet paper when she was drunk. Faye Wilson was forced to turn back at the Thai airport and was escorted all the way back to the UK by a security guard after they spotted the missing pages.

She said she had been too mortified to reveal the truth and tried to claim she had "lost" them - but the sceptical officers promptly deported her. Meanwhile, the friend she was travelling with has stayed in Thailand. What's more, she said she does not remember much about the night in question. "We were walking from one bar to the next and we must have been desperate for a wee and obviously didn't have any toilet roll," she said.

"We decided it would be a good idea to use my passport, which is obviously really stupid. It was maybe two or three pages. I was a bit drunk so didn't even think about the consequences." She has had to return home to the Lake District and apply for an emergency passport before she can attempt the trip again. She had been planning on spending a month in the Asian country before moving on to work for a year in Australia.

"Thai immigration just opened my passport and started looking through it, and asked 'what's happened here'?" the hairdresser, aged 28, said. "I just said that I had lost the pages because I was too embarrassed to explain the real reason. Before I could explain more, they had deported me back to Dubai and then to Glasgow and confiscated my documents. I felt like I was a criminal - people were looking at me wondering why a border official is someone sat with me the whole time. I don't know what a criminal looks like but I'm not one."

Noodle bar's 'Phat Phuc' poster cleared by advertising watchdog

A poster for a Vietnamese noodle bar in Glasgow, which featured the phrase "Phat Phuc", has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Two complaints to the watchdog claimed that the phrase, when spoken in English, sounded like a swear word. The Hanoi Bike Shop restaurant replied that the Vietnamese pronunciation was "Fet Fook" and meant "Happy Buddha". The ASA said the posters were unlikely to cause serious offence as it was obvious that pronunciation may differ.

The ASA ruling said that two posters for the noodle bar which had been seen on a train on 19 October and at a train station on 13 November, had been the focus of the complaints. The poster showed slogans with text that stated: "Phat Phuc...The Hanoi Bike Shop." One complaint said the poster was offensive as it featured a slogan which, when spoken, sounded like a swear word. The other said it was inappropriate for public display where children could see it because it featured a slogan that sounded like a swear word when spoken.

In relation to the first complaint, the ASA acknowledged that the phrase could sound similar to a swear word. The watchdog said: "However, we noted that the Hanoi Bike Shop sold Far Eastern cuisine, which both posters had made sufficiently clear. In the context of the posters, we considered that viewers who might have been offended by bad language were likely to recognise that "Phuc" was from a reference to Southeast Asian language, was different from the expletive and would not necessarily be pronounced in the same way.

"We therefore, concluded that the posters were unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence." On the second complaint, the ASA found: "We considered that younger children who were unlikely to comprehend that "Phuc" was a Vietnamese word were also unlikely to read or pronounce it as the expletive. While some older children might have pronounced it as the expletive, given the context of an ad for a Vietnamese restaurant and that the word was taken from this language we did not consider that this made it unsuitable for them to see. We therefore concluded that the posters were not irresponsibly placed where children could see them."

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Dog takes baby opossums out for walkies

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Squirrel walks across the grass

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Lawyer was bombarded with texts from people trying to claim free burritos

Hundreds of burrito-seeking people have mistakenly inundated the cell phone of a lawyer from Bethesda, Maryland, after a Chipotle giveaway listed a phone number only one digit different from his. On Monday, Chipotle announced a free burrito promotion as they opened their restaurants late for a safety meeting. Entrants simply had to text the word "raincheck" to 888-222.

But lawyer Hank Levine, who, ironically, specialises in telecommunications, has a seven-digit number very similar to the one that the burrito chain publicised. So customers who mistakenly added an extra “2” to the specified number had their messages redirected to Levine. And so the texts started coming. "I got the first text and it was just the text with the words 'rain check,'" Levine said. "I texted back with a question mark.

"And the person texted back, 'I want my burrito.'" The Chipotle fan explained what was going on, and Levine soon realised it wasn't going to end there. "I said 'Gee, this could be a problem maybe,'" said Levine. He soon began getting about 15 texts an hour, then a text was coming in every minute or two, all in all, he received more than 350 of them. Levine has tried to respond to the senders.

"Mostly they've been sympathetic or polite or funny," he said. He said Chipotle has been apologetic for his inconvenience and are sending him free coupons. In the meantime, although the promotion has ended, he's continuing to respond to most of the texts he's received. "I've learned a lot of things about Chipotle," he said, "and the most interesting thing by far is that people really hate being charged for guacamole."

Indian police to use slingshots loaded with marbles and chilli balls against violent protesters

Police in India's Haryana state say they will soon begin using slingshots to control violent protesters. Policemen are being trained to use the weapons, despite concerns over their safety for crowd control.

Abhishek Jorwal, chief of police in Haryana's Jind district, said that the slingshots "were made after a lot of research and development". The "specially-designed" slingshots would be in addition to batons, tear gas and other weapons currently in use.

Mr Jorwal said the "idea is to avoid the use of lethal weapons against the protesters". "Officers have been instructed to use slingshots and tear gas shells, and keep guns and bullets as the last option." Marbles and chilli balls will be used as ammunition for the slingshots.

"Marbles and chilli balls won't cause any permanent damage but will pack enough punch to push protesters back," he said. Handmade weapons, such as slingshots, are rarely used as a weapon by security forces in India. There are concerns marbles and other objects fired from police catapults could badly injure civilians.

Monkey accused of thieving caught, bound and caged before being relocated

A monkey that had been accused of thieving was recently detained in India. The primate, a macaque, was caught by a professional monkey catcher after frustrated locals complained it had been stealing food and tearing up pillows for six months.

A crowd gathered and cheered as the monkey was bound with its hands tied and a rope around its neck before it was put into a cage. It was one of three or four monkeys to have been tearing around the community in the Mumbai's Sion district and residents recently complained to a local municipal councillor about the unwelcome guests.

Monkeys, who are revered in Hindu-majority India, often trash gardens, offices, residential rooftops and even attack people viciously for food - but are rarely subjected to such public humiliation. When locals spotted one of the primates on Friday morning they called a monkey catcher who hot-footed it to the housing block and laid a trap with fruit.

At one point a passer-by patted it on the forehead, only for the monkey to hiss aggressively before showing him a full set of sharp teeth. Later the restraints were removed from the monkey and it was placed in the cage, where it ate grapes and looked forlornly at the crowd of staring onlookers. The monkey is now set for a new life in the countryside north of Mumbai. "We will make sure it's fit and when it is we will release him on the outskirts of Thane," an official in the Maharashtra state forest department said.

Town invaded by swarm of moths

Thousands of moths have invaded Winton in western Queensland, Australia, feasting on fresh grass that sprouted from recent rainfall.

Winton resident Frank Standfast was on his way to work early on Wednesday morning when he discovered the swarm under a light post in front of the hardware store. Mr Standfast said he had never seen anything like it. "I've never seen it that thick, but it was obviously under a pretty bright street light," he said.

"We presume because there's actually some green grass here. It hasn't rained here for a week or two, but now we've got some grass we seem to have a heap of moths." He said council workers spent hours trying to clean them up. Mr Standfast said the town's baker, whose shop is across the road from the hardware store, said the swarm looked like a "cloud".

"[The baker] comes to work at like two o'clock in the morning and he didn't know what it was when he come to work," he said. "In the light it was just like a cloud - he thought it was like a haze or something, he reckons. It was when they were all still flying because it was dark."

With short video clip.

Passenger's dried cow pat intercepted at airport

A passenger from Malaysia declared a dried cow pat to Ministry for Primary Industries staff at Auckland Airport in New Zealand last week. The discovery has been described by the government agency as one of the most unusual interceptions of the summer.

It had been brought into New Zealand for burning at a Hindu temple at Otahuhu, said Dave Sims, MPI Auckland Airport manager. "Cowpats are made by mixing fresh cow faeces with hay.

We can't permit them to enter New Zealand as they could contain unwanted seeds, parasites or even plant or animal diseases that could harm the livelihood of farmers and growers." Cow pats have been used for centuries to light fires in India.

Mr Sims said it was rare for MPI to intercept cow pats, but they may become more common in the future. "Cows pats are now a commercial product. There's even a website selling them and some customers want gift wrapping. The great thing in this case is the passenger declared the pat. They did everything we asked to safeguard New Zealand's biosecurity."

Woman who fell 60ft from upper floor of store escaped serious injury due to divan intervention

A woman who plummeted 60ft from a balcony at a John Lewis department store escaped serious injury after a bed miraculously broke her fall. Shoppers watched on in horror after the 60-year-old plunged two storeys to the basement of the store in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, on Monday afternoon. It is understood that she suffered only minor injuries to her hip and spine after amazingly landing on a display bed.

Scores of staff and shoppers are believed to have witnessed the woman’s horrific fall. Police and emergency services raced to the store just before 4pm after several 999 calls reporting how the woman had fallen from the upper levels of the store. She is understood to have fallen over a glass balcony by the store’s escalators. Shoppers watched in horror as staff gave the woman first aid before paramedics arrived. Witnesses reported hearing screaming after the incident.

The shop was closed by bosses for the remaining four hours as police began investigating. CCTV footage has been handed to officers, who were seen talking to managers behind closed doors on Monday evening. Staff at the department store are understood to have been offered support by John Lewis bosses after a handful witnessed the harrowing incident. Several ambulances, including a helicopter and three hazard response teams, were scrambled to the scene.

The woman was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital by land ambulance - and it was soon confirmed she had survived the huge fall. She remains in hospital for treatment, but is understood to be stable. A spokeswoman for GMP said: "Her injuries are not thought to be serious and it appears that she fell onto a bed." A spokeswoman for John Lewis said: "We are glad that the customer's injuries are not thought to be serious, and wish her all the best for her recovery."

Reward offered for return of terrapin who thinks he’s a dog

A terrapin who thinks he’s a dog was snatched from his home in Bromley, south east London, last month, and his owners are offering a £150 reward for his safe return. Nadia and Peter Chan’s home was burgled at about 6pm on January 22. The intruders took Mr Chan’s car, all of the house keys, mobile phones and cash – as well as Jim Jam the terrapin.

Jim Jam has been with the Chans for 20 years and roams freely around the house, only going into water in the morning and evening for his feeding time and climbing up the side of the tank when he’s ready to come out. Mrs Chan said: “I never thought in a million years that of all the things someone would take, it would be Jim Jam. I don’t know why they took him.

“It is a bit unusual to see a terrapin walking about the house. He thinks he’s a dog – he likes to be treated just like them. He was very unhappy in the tank.” Jim Jam even has his own dog’s bed next to pet staffie Pippa’s, where he sleeps under a blanket. It all started with him imitating the couple’s two chihuahuas, who he lived alongside for 16 years.

But despite Jim Jam’s reluctance to live life as a terrapin, he does have particular reptilian requirements. Mrs Chan said: “I just hope he’s being looked after – if he isn’t put in water his skin gets very dry. He’s actually a very intelligent pet. He didn’t eat for a week when our chihuahuas died. He does have feelings. Everything else can be replaced – but not our pet. He’s not worth much money but he’s valuable to us.”