Thursday, February 28, 2008

Romanian police officers take ballet classes

Regulating traffic can be difficult but police officers in western Romania have found a solution to their pains and are taking ballet classes to help them do their work more gracefully.

"The aim is to develop an ability to regulate traffic and achieve elegance in their movements, which will not only be agreeable to the eyes but could also help drivers waiting at a red light get rid of their stress or sadness," the head of the community police in the town of Timisoara, Dorel Cojan, told AFP.

Some 20 members of the local community police are already attending classes under two former dancers of the Timisoara Opera Ballet.

Classes, which have just begun, will initially take place twice a week for a month.

"We started by filming our pupils' awkwardness and I'm sure we will already see some progress in a month's time," Cojan said.

The classes are exclusively for member of the community police. Unlike the local police, they do not conduct investigations but are mainly responsible for road safety and can be called up to regulate traffic.

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