Thursday, March 06, 2008

One-legged chicken in cancer operation

A Worcestershire couple are paying more than £1,000 on cancer treatment to save the life of their one-legged chicken.

Elaine Denney said the chicken, named Eve, was "a pet just as much as any of my other animals" and therefore she wanted to do what she could to save it.

Eve had her left leg amputated 18 months ago as a result of cancer. Now a tumour has been removed from her right leg and she will have more treatment.

Mrs Denney said she believed the pet still had "quality of life".

She said: "If you've got an animal that you love, whether it is four-legged, two-legged or in Eve's case one-legged it makes no difference - you still do what you can to cure the animal."

Mrs Denney said money was not the issue. "I'm sure the majority of people out there, if they found out that their dog or cat had got cancer they would move heaven and earth to get it treated as long as they thought that the animal had quality of life there after," she said.

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