Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drink driver jailed for turning up to probation meeting with a pint

A serial drink driver has been jailed after turning up for a probation appointment with a pint of lager in his hand.

The case of Amir Saeed, 30, sparked outrage in February after magistrates decided not to give him a prison sentence for his tenth drink drive conviction in less than a decade. But now he is in jail after Blackburn magistrates were told he had totally failed' to co-operate with the suspended prison sentence.

Applying for revocation of the supervision order, the probation service reported that Saeed had failed to keep numerous appointments.

They said that on May 8 he attended at Blackburn probation office with a pint of lager having been to the pub before his appointment.

When challenged about his actions Saeed said he could not leave his drink at the pub so he had brought it with him.

At the time he was originally sentenced Saeed was warned that any breach of the order would result in an immediate custodial sentence. And magistrates this week jailed Saeed, of Bank Top, Blackburn, for 90 days.

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