Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Cat with no face' becomes a blogging success

A cat who became disfigured after losing her face in a road accident is working to help humans come to terms with their own disabilities.

Chase, who is now three, was left without a nose, eyelids and skin on her cheeks after being hit by a car as a kitten.

Plastic surgeons were unable to rebuild her features and were pessimistic about finding her new owner, until one of the vet technicians who had helped treat her offered to take her home.

Chase, who requires daily drops to keep her eyes moist, now works at a “therapy cat” touring schools and hospitals, helping boost the confidence of people with disfigurements.

She has also become something of an internet celebrity, thanks to a blog set up by her owner Melissa Smith. The site, written from Chase’s perspective, features daily updates on her adventures, health and charity work, as well as dozens of photos.

Despite her appearance and disabilities – she also had a leg amputated after the accident – she is pictured playing with other cats and dogs and fooling around with her owner. Chase was saved by the Chevy Chase Animal Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky, and now works with the Paws for Friendship charity.


Anonymous said...

I will never sleep again.

Anonymous said...

I wish bloody UK and Australian online reports were spell-checked. Proof-read for clarity, for fuck sake.