Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Couple cautioned after being caught having sex at tram stop

It might not look like the most romantic place in the world - but for two lovebirds Wandle Park tram stop in Croydon was the perfect place for a spot of passion. As the moonlight shone down, the couple's lust became too strong for them to contain - and they ended up having sex beside the track.

Unfortunately for them, their love-making was caught on camera by a stunned CCTV operator. A police source said: "The CCTV operator called the police and the British Transport Police. "He was looking at the screens and saw the pair, and told them to stop over the PA.

"But it's possible they were in the throes of passion, and didn't notice they were being told off." With the couple continuing their steamy clinch rather than heeding the request to stop the controller called for back up.

Police officers turned up at the tram stop in Waddon, along with British Transport Police officers, to interrupt their intimate moment - and discovered that the woman was 29 and her randy partner was 17.

BTP officers arrested the pair, and they were given a slap on the wrist for their very public liaison at about 11.30pm on August 13.

The police source said: "They were arrested and given a talking to and a caution. "I don't think they'll be trying that again anytime soon."

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