Thursday, January 01, 2009

Couple defy odds with second pair of black and white twins

A couple who took doctors by surprise seven years ago by having one black twin daughter and one white have defied "million-to-one" odds by doing it again.

When Dean Durrant, 33, and Alison Spooner, 27, of Fleet, Hampshire, were told they would be having twins in 2001 they imagined that they would look similar even if they knew they would not be identical.

But when they arrived one, Lauren, proved to take after her mother with blue eyes and red hair while her sister Hayleigh resembles her father who is of West Indian origin.

Friends were stunned last month when Alison gave birth to another set of twin daughters each of a different skin colour.

This time baby Miya has her father's darker skin and Leah is white like her mother.

"We didn't think it was even possible when we had Lauren and Hayleigh - and it didn't cross our minds that it could happen again," said Mr Durrant. "But we are just delighted that it has."

With more photos.

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