Thursday, January 15, 2009

'No Cussing Club' founder beseiged by profanity

Pizzas and pornographic magazines being delivered to your home by the dozens. Your phone rings all night, and your e-mail inbox overflows with thousands of profane hate messages.

It would be enough to have most people saying, "What the $%X& is going on here?"

But most people aren't McKay Hatch, the 15-year-old founder of the No Cussing Club whose stand against public profanity has suddenly subjected him to a torrent of four-letter-word abuse and other harassment.

Pizzas began proliferating shortly after New Year's Day. Pornographic magazines began filling up his mailbox last week. He and his family drew the line when the death threats started coming in over the Internet. They contacted police, who confirmed Wednesday that an investigation was under way.

Did the teenager ever cut loose with anything stronger than an "Ah heck" when his critics publicly questioned his manhood and threatened to crash his No Cussing Club Web site? Nah, he wouldn't even think of it.

Hatch, meanwhile, says he has no intention of backing away from his effort. He's been working with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to make No Cussing Week a countywide event during the first week of March this year. At the end of this month, his first book, "The No Cussing Club," is coming out.

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