Monday, June 22, 2009

Couple are married in zero gravity

A couple proved their were head over heels in love during their wedding by getting married in zero gravity. Noah Fulmore and Erin Finnegan floated around as they became the first couple to tie the knot while weightless.

They were married on a special flight that simulates the zero gravity experienced by astronauts on space walks. The couple paid more than £10,000 to have their wedding in a converted Boeing 727 jet that undertakes roller coaster-style dives. As the jet plummets, passengers inside the padded cabin experience weightlessness.

Richard Garriott, the British-born space tourist, officiated at the ceremony. The couple, both science fiction fans, came up with the idea after deciding they didn't want a conventional wedding.

Mr Fulmore, 31, and Ms Finnegan, 30, from New York, exchanged rings made from precious metal fragments of a meteorite that crashed to Earth in Namibia 30,000 years ago.

Their flight took off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The zero gravity flight, which lasts 90 minutes, made 16 roller coaster-type dives, known as parabolic arcs, to create the weightlessness inside the cabin.

Mr Fulmore said: "It was outstanding, and everything we were hoping for." His wife wore a designer wedding dress with trousers to protect her modesty during weightlessness.

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