Friday, June 12, 2009

Three youths stamp fawn to death

A baby deer has been stamped to death in Upton Country Park, Poole. The attack, described by Dorset Police’s wildlife officer as “sickening”, took place at about 5pm on Wednesday.

Three hooded teenagers are being sought in connection with the attack, which PC John Snellin said had “beggared belief”.

“The two-day-old deer was found curled up in the long grass like Bambi with a large boot print across its head. The carcass has been taken to a local vets. It doesn’t make pretty viewing.

“I would love to get the three teenagers witnessed in the attack in for interview and just ask them, ‘What was going through your mind?’ It beggars belief.”

A member of the public who witnessed the attack followed three white males from the park in the direction of Turlin Moor.

All three had short black hair and were wearing hooded tops and tracksuit trousers, said PC Snellin.

There's a news video here.

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