Friday, July 03, 2009

Sea lion commandeers boat

A routine assignment ended in a battle of wills for two US sheriffs’ deputies, after a sea lion commandeered their patrol boat.

According to the Orange County sheriff’s blog, two deputies were responding to reports of youths smoking marijuana on a local dock when they encountered the sea lion.

After reports the animal had tried to attack a local boy, the police enticed it onto their boat and headed out into the bay to try and drop it off.

On their way out the boat’s lights flashed, the emergency pump and other equipment began turning on and off and the boat lurched from side to side.

The curious deputies left the boat’s bridge to check it out and found the sea lion sitting in the foul-weather steering station below and randomly flicking switches.

Despite the best efforts of the sea lion the pair managed to get the boat back to the station where, after being coaxed with a hose, it left the boat.

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