Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family lives with deer friend

The words, "Yes, dear," have a whole new meaning in one Ohio household.

This family has a deer living inside their house.

Dillie the deer has lived with the Buteras in Canal Fulton, Ohio, for the past five years. Abandoned by her mother at birth, because the mother incorrectly thought she was blind, Dillie has since become part of another family - a family of humans.

Steve Heathman, Dillie's owner, said the deer is "like my daughter and son."

Over the years, Dillie has adjusted to living indoors, eating pasta and ice cream - and even swimming in the family pool.

Dr. Melanie Butera, the veterinarian who rescued Dillie and her other owner, said, "She pretty much runs the household. Everything revolves around her."

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