Friday, April 09, 2010

AWB Secretary General Andrie Visagie in TV studio bust up

The leader of a far right paramilitary group in South Africa stormed out of a live TV debate amid continuing tension following the murder of Eugene Terreblanche

Secretary General of the AWB Andre Visagie was appearing on the ETV television show Africa 360, when he stood up and appeared to threaten Lebohang Pheko, director of policy of a campaign group.

ETV anchor Chris Maroleng intervened before Visagie called his own security man onto the set.

Visagie claims he was not being given the chance to answer accusations made against him.


arbroath said...

Booo.  The video's been removed because of a "terms of use violation".

arbroath said...

I've put up another version.

arbroath said...

Feck... now I'm depressed. He could have thought of something better to say than "Touch me in my studio"

arbroath said...

I'm from SA, a friend still there sent me this: <span> </span>
The dude who is cited as causing the Terblanche murder mess; bat shit crazy all round.