Monday, May 03, 2010

British Airways tell passengers not to imbibe fluids due to blocked toilets

Passengers on a British Airways flight from Heathrow to the Cayman Islands were told not to drink for two hours because none of the plane’s toilets were working.

The 169 passengers and nine crew aboard the Boeing 767 to Grand Cayman via Nassau last Wednesday had been forced to share two toilets – including one in the exclusive Club World cabin – for most of the 12-hour flight after four others were closed owing to blockages.

One passenger who was travelling with his family, said: ‘Two-and-a-half hours away from Nassau the Club World toilet also became blocked, and the only working toilet on the flight was right next to us. Shortly afterwards this also blocked.’ It was at this point the pilot asked everyone to stop drinking so that they could hold out until the plane landed in Nassau.

British Airways said the toilets blocked because they had not been serviced at Heathrow, where the tanks should have been emptied. The tanks were finally emptied at Nassau. British Airways apologised to passengers. A spokesman said: ‘If we had known of the situation we would not have taken off.’

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