Saturday, May 08, 2010

Depressed spaniel diagnosed with separation anxiety after owner's son leaves home

A sad springer spaniel leapt 15ft out of a window to search for her owner's son after he moved out of the family home. Black and white Lacey has been desperate to find her best friend Dave Rees, 21, since he went to live with his girlfriend.

First she bolted on a walk with Dave's mum Sandy - and dashed to a local pub where they often went.

Then six-year-old Lacey managed to open the kitchen window with her paw and escaped again. And finally - after Sandy firmly shut all downstairs windows - she worked open one in an upstairs bedroom ... and plunged to the ground.

A neighbour spotted her hobbling with bleeding paws down the street in Whitby, North Yorks. Hospital therapy assistant Sandy, 55, took Lacey to a vet.

The timid rescue dog had whiplash but no serious injuries. Sandy said: "She'd had a lucky escape. I told the vet about the problems since Dave left and she was diagnosed with separation anxiety.

"It seems she is going out to find him at all costs." Lacey, who is part border collie, is now being left with a pheromone device - similar to a plug-in air freshener - which emits calming smells. Sandy said: "It's early days but she seems to have improved and calmed down a bit. She's a nutty dog but we love her to bits."

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L said...

I guess there must be a reason why he couldn't take the dog with him, but geez...  Keeping her from him almost seems cruel.