Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cat clings to car roof for 30 mile journey

This exhausted cat was feline a little stressed out after it survived a terrifying 30 mile journey by a whisker stuck on a car roof.

Hapless pet ‘Bilbo Baggins’ desperately clung onto the roof rack of the Land Rover by her claws as the driver sped along a busy dual carriageway at 70mph.

The stunned driver only spotted the terrified stowaway when he slowed to round a bend and saw the traumatised animal leap off the vehicle and run off into the undergrowth.

Incredibly, Bilbo survived the terrifying 30 journey from Kings Acre, Hereford to Ludlow, Shropshire.

Bilbo’s owners Alli and Andrew Hartless spent six days searching for the ten-year-old tabby until they finally spotted her trembling on top of a fence.

Mother-of-two Alli, 42, said: ”We are amazed she survived the journey. She is a resilient cat but is still too scared to go near cars. She certainly used a few lives up with her adventure.”

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