Thursday, September 30, 2010

Death row dog in jailbreak from council pound

A dog hunt is under way on the streets of Casino, Australia, after a daring break-out from the Richmond Valley pound sometime on Sunday night. A one-eyed, tan-coloured Jack Russell-cross named Kyber is now on the loose after busting through a cement brick wall to make his escape – but it is suspected the six-year-old male dog may have had an accomplice on the outside.

“They broke through the wall with something similar to a sledge hammer,” Richmond Valley Council manager of environmental health and regulatory control Peter Cotterill said. “Someone went to a lot of trouble.”

The serial offender had been picked up by rangers before and was on death row at the time of his break-out after having been incarcerated for three weeks. Dogs are normally euthanised or rehoused after two weeks. The dog had accrued about $400 worth of fees during his imprisonment, at $17 per day for feed and board, plus a $40 release fee.

Police and council rangers are calling on Kyber, or anyone who may be holding him, to come forward. Kyber has been microchipped and his name has now been added to the companion animals register as a stolen dog.

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