Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dog meat promoted at UK farmers markets

Labrador steaks, leg of Greyhound, Afghan burgers, Dachshund sausages, Beagle chops, Chihuahua poppers … these are just some of the exotic meats being promoted at the new organic and free-range dog meat catering trailer that is setting up shop at the edge of farmers markets across the UK.

Featuring pictures of happy healthy dogs running through fields, chasing balls and swimming in streams, and the words ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’, the trailer will be offering dog meat to the public, with the assurance that all the animals were loved and well cared for before being butchered.

Animal Aid has documented routine abuse at slaughterhouses throughout the country, with animals being kicked, stamped on and improperly stunned before having their throats slit. Their ‘dog meat’ stall will attempt to engage the public in a discussion about the way animals raised for food are killed and why certain animals are deemed unworthy of our compassion while others are treated as part of the family.

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