Sunday, February 06, 2011

Woman will eat dog food on YouTube every day until animal rights law passes

Miami Beach resident Nikki Moustaki plans to eat dog food at least once a day every day until an Ohio animal cruelty law known as Nitro's Law is passed. The law was spurred after 12 starving and 7 dead dogs were discovered in High Caliber K-9, a boarding kennel in Youngstown, OH.

The law is named after Nitro, a pet Rottwieler who died at the facility while his family had to attend to a sick relative out of state, and would increase animal cruelty to a fifth degree felony in Ohio punishable by up to a year in jail. Ohio is only one of nine states that doesn't count the first count of animal cruelty as a felony. The law was passed in the state's House of Representatives, but died in the Senate. Moustaki won't stop until it's law.

YouTube link.

"This isn't just a local issue, it's a national issue," Moustaki said in a release. "This didn't happen in my home state, but as someone who speaks up for animals, I consider them all in my backyard. Animals don't vote, but their owners do. If this can happen in Ohio, it can happen anywhere, and it's important for people to be aware of the laws in their state."

On the first day of her campaign Moustaki ate dog food straight up out of the container, although she's since started included dog food in other recipes like "Malemute Mac and Cheeze," and "Bocker's Bruchetta." You can follow Moustaki's culinary adventures and learn more about her campaign on her YouTube page.


Anonymous said...

I doubt this will change a thing. Stunts like this rarely do, or worse, they backfire - like any time PETA opens their collective mouths, for instance. Things of this nature only make it more difficult for people to take animal rights activists seriously. Sad.

L said...

If she really cared about animal rights, she wouldn't be eating waste products (i.e., pet food) that are produced by killing other animals. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but some people don't connect eating meat/meat products = eating animals. Dogs and cats are pets, but a pig is only premature bacon, for instance. Which makes about as much sense as eating dog food for animal rights, but hey, that's people for ya.

John Burgess said...

I recommend Chola Brand hot sauce. Really perks the pet parts up.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised this affair.I think it is important for pets to protect low. Doing is very important.However,I don't think that pets have their right is good

Anonymous said...

I was amazed. What a heroic deed!