Thursday, March 24, 2011

Young lady is touched by the hand of Jesus

YouTube link.


Insolitus said...

When I see these kind of videos, I always find it hard to believe the people in them are actually sincere and serious when they do that stuff.

Would it be too much to hope for to expect pentecostals and their fellow spirit-feelers and tongue-speakers to shout "April fools!" to the world one of these days? Probably.

Although it would be cool to be able to make myself feel as though being touched. Alone-funtime would never be the same.

WifeMotherMe said...

I have always thought of myself as "pentecostal" after starting the church when I wa s 15 and pregnant. For YEARS I thought something was wrong with me because I never had an experience like that. That Jesus didn't love me or want me the way he did other, because I never had a Jesus orgasm like this lady did, I was never laid out in the spirit.

Turns out, I am ok and Jesus loves me just fine, and he seems to be cool with leaving the orgasms to the bedroom and my husband. ; )

Fred said...

Wait. Jesus orgasms???
Whatever your faith, it seems ludicrous to believe the spirit of Jesus would touch people like that. And if He did I don't think He'd do it in public. ;)

Hickory Johnson said...

Oh God...Oh God..I'm...Oh God