Saturday, April 16, 2011

Postal worker suspended for defecating in public

Don Derfler's own wife didn't believe him when told her the mail carrier was defecating in public. Then he showed her the pictures.

Derfler of Southeast Portland, saw it all from his living room window while he was baby sitting his son on Wednesday afternoon. "He started pulling his pants down and started defecating and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures," said Derfler.

Officials with the US Postal Service say they are disheartened and disappointed. "We're taking this very seriously and I really want to apologize to our customers and to the public. I've worked for the Postal Service for many years and have never heard of an incident like this and I hope I never do again," said Ron Anderson with the US Postal Service.

YouTube link.

Postal inspectors may have already cleaned up the evidence according to another neighbour who said he confronted several men in suits walking around the scene of the act on Thursday morning. Officials with the U.S. Postal Service said they have suspended the mail carrier in question without pay, pending an investigation.


Misrule said...

Oh he was his father he wasn't "babysitting", he was being a parent. Jeez!

Misrule said...

If, I mean, not "Oh". Oops. Point remains.

L said...

When you gotta go, you gotta go! (If he'd popped into a Starbucks to use the bathroom, he probably would've gotten flak for that, too. You can't win sometimes...)

Anonymous said...

Special delivery!

Anonymous said...

Disagree with you, L. I would be irate if somebody pooped on my property. I don't want the smell nor the mess to clean up.