Friday, May 06, 2011

Blood-covered naked burglar caught eating raw chicken

A Dallas woman returned home to find a naked burglar in her apartment. But his appearance wasn’t the only strange thing about him. After dropping her daughter off at school on Monday morning, Jennifer Espinoza said she noticed the window to her apartment bathroom was broken.

She opened the front door and found a bloody and naked man in her kitchen, eating raw chicken. Espinoza said she screamed and ran out into the rain. The man locked her out. Police kicked in the door and used a stun gun to subdue the suspect. He was later identified as Michael Cooks.

He apparently had cut himself several times while climbing into the apartment, police said. Espinoza said she knows it may sound funny to people, but not to her. She was hysterical and because she’s pregnant she said her husband is worried about the stress this has caused.

“My husband and daughter left to get something to eat and I started crying, bawling. I’m scared. It’s not the same,” she said. The family has been able to move into a different apartment. Cooks lived in the complex but has now been evicted. He is still being treated at a hospital for his injuries.

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Aaron said...

GOOD news day Kevin!! Well done!! You've made my Friday here in the dreary Pacific Northwest USA!! Bless You!