Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missing cat finds owner during TV interview

An Alabama woman thought she had lost nearly everything when a tornado tore her house apart. But miraculously, nearly a month later, she was reunited with a beloved pet she feared was gone forever.

Judy Pugh rushed to her hallway with her three cats when she saw debris spinning in the air and as the roof blew away a wall fell on top of her. Judy escaped with black eyes. But says she would have been sucked away by that tornado if weren't for that very wall. Her house is gone.

YouTube link.

But that doesn't matter to Judy. She has what she loves. Two of her cats survived. The other, Cadie, hadn't been seen since the storm. But Judy didn't give up hope, looking every day for the last three weeks for her lost friend. Unbelievably during a TV interview, Judy's friend of 10 years came out of nowhere.

Cadie made it through the tornado, heat and cold without food or water for nearly a month. Judy says, "I've got Cadie. I've got Cadie. I'm at the house. I wish she could talk. She could tell me where she's been."


WordyGrrl said...

That's beautiful, especially when you can hear that cat purring so loudly when she first picks it up.

SteveC said...

Great story.

I don't know if I would take or make a call while I was being interviewed on telly though.

Anonymous said...

That video made me well up, I must admit. So glad that amid all the destruction, she's still got the things that are most important to her.