Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stray dogs allegedly caught and shot in full view of children

Residents in Malaysia who witnessed an alleged open-shooting of stray dogs by the Penang Municipal Council have expressed shock and disgust over the inhumane act. The shooting was said to have been carried out in residential areas and in the midst of children who were walking to a nearby kindergarten.

The residents are now urging the council and the Penang government to review the method used to dispose off the strays because open-shooting could pose a danger to the public. A witness to the incident who wants to be known only as Rowe, said that of late, there were many strays roaming at Sunway Mutiara in Batu Maung but the animals did not cause any harm to anyone.

She said that she saw a few council workers shooting the dogs in her neighbourhood a few days ago, leaving behind “a trail of blood.” “When they arrived, the dogs were sleeping under cars parked outside the houses here. They lured one of the dogs out, wrestled it to the ground and shot it several times in its head despite the dog not behaving aggressively,” she said.

Another resident, who wished to be known as Shu, a homemaker, said her three young children had witnessed the brutal slaying and they were now traumatised by the incident. “What if the bullets had gone astray? The children could have been harmed,” she said.

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