Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zack the show jumping zebra

After Zack the zebra kept jumping out of his field, Sammi Jo Stohler of Willis, Texas, figured he might have a knack for having fun over fences. “I had to build an 8ft. fence around the property because he kept jumping out,” she said. “He can clear 5ft. without a problem; he just walks up to a fence and ends up on the other side of it. I said, ‘I bet he can do it with a rider,’ and yep, it was no problem.”

Zack took quickly to the fences. “He’s large pony size, but he jumps very easily. The first time I pointed him at it, I just put it really low and showed him this is what we’re doing,” said Stohler. “And he said, ‘Oh yeah, I got that.’ He likes jumping, and going higher was no problem.”

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Stohler grew up riding horses on a ranch in eastern Oregon. She embarked on a career of training horses and gradually expanded to other, more exotic, species. With Zack’s ability, Stohler saw the opportunity to prove that zebras can do many different things. “Everyone always asks ‘Can they jump?’ or ‘Can you do this with them?’ and I always like to see what I can accomplish,” she said.


SteveC said...

I understand that although zebras are lovely to look at they can be wicked little thing to have (which I don't condone). Very bitey.

Anonymous said...

I do condone riding zebras. I'm sure many will say "you're out of your mind! the zebra LOVES it!!" and at the bottom of my <3 I know they must be right, just as I know that the rider of the zebra will love me riding her, and I can show her how many different things she can do too.

Ruby said...