Friday, June 17, 2011

Suspected cattle rustlers turn out to be bovine Einstein

Daisy the cow has been exposed as the culprit behind repeated escapes from a farm in south Armagh, Northen Ireland.

YouTube link.

Following the installation of camera in the cow shed, it was revealed that Daisy had worked out the sequence in which to open the bars of the pen to free her fellow cattle.


Anonymous said...

but still, you evil people kill and eat them. One day it will be your turn to suffer the fate you and your ilk have bestowed on the animals Repent, save the animals, they are earthlings too, they are gods creatures, and he is gonna be mighty pissed off at you for hurting them.

cath said...

"We will fight for
bovine freedom,
And hold our large heads high.
We will run free
with the buffalo,
or die."

(Surely, I've linked this before, but it's been a long time: