Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fat cat snatched by hawk then dropped in neighbour's garden due to weight

It was dawn on the upper West Side of New York the other day when a young woman heard a screech usually heard in the countryside: the raspy kreeing of a red-tailed hawk capturing its prey.

It got louder and more horrible as it suddenly mixed with the mews of a terrified cat. Her beloved cat, Eddie.

She ran out to her fifth-floor terrace where Eddie had been stretched out on a bench and saw nothing but "fur, broken nails, and feathers." "He dropped him in the garden of a building a few doors down," Eddie's amazed owner said.

"The tenant was awakened by a huge thud in his garden. He ran out and found his garden umbrella toppled over, and a cat in the corner, meowing." Fat Eddie had been dropped at least five stories. "I can only imagine Eddie bounced off the umbrella like in the cartoons," the owner said.

Full story here.

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Makropoulos said...

This is fabulous! I have to repost this on my cat blog. Thanks so much for posting!