Monday, July 04, 2011

Man issues bizarre lawsuit against pinball arcade

A 30-something, unemployed, self-described “pinball wizard” is suing a “hippie” arcade operator for an alleged assault that took place during a game of Xenon, which the plaintiff says he’s “mastered well beyond incredible defeat.”

In addition to damages exceeding $10,000, the plaintiff, John Luckett, who has no law degree and represents himself in court, is asking for an additional $300 for each therapy session he will undergo due to the trauma of the alleged assault and from arcade operator Tim Arnold “forever 86ing” him from the Pinball Hall of Fame, thus depriving him of reliving his good childhood memories playing Xenon.

In all, Luckett filed a total of 11 complaints, ranging from assault to breech of contract (for turning off the machine) to discrimination, the latter containing a claim that volunteers at the Pinball Hall of Fame are “prejudice” against him because of his pinball wizardry and ability to play for hours on 50 cents. Arnold says the litigation has already cost the nonprofit charitable organization that operates the Hall of Fame $13,000 in legal fees.

The day Luckett filed suit against the pinball group, he also filed lawsuits against the Gold Spike hotel (where he allegedly fell while getting out of the shower), Goodyear Tyre (his tyres allegedly blew out) and Howard Johnson (he allegedly suffered bedbug bites on his legs while staying at a Howard Johnson hotel in Florida). Since 1998, he’s filed more than 15 lawsuits in Nevada. Most recently, Luckett has filed suit against Brother Manufacturing over a fax machine he says jams his court documents.

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