Monday, August 15, 2011

Talking public lavatory with female voice puts men off

A female voice welcoming people to a public lavatory in Church Stretton, Shropshire, has sparked complaints from men who say it is putting them off. Now views are sought on whether it should be changed.

Church Stretton Town Council have launched a consultation on whether the greeting at the Easthope Road public toilet should be changed to a masculine voice.

Deputy mayor Tom Beaumont said: “It’s one of these all singing, all dancing toilets which we have taken over control of from Shropshire Council. “Since taking over the Easthope Road toilets in April we have had some comments about the voice which greets you when using the facility, with some gentlemen finding a lady’s voice very disconcerting.

“We have even had a vicar visit the town council to say he was a bit put off by this woman suddenly speaking to him inside.” The town council has called on men to say whether they would like the voice to be changed, silenced or left alone.

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Insolitus said...

Maybe the vicar was upset because he was momentarily made to think his god was a woman.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Vicar was upset because he was expecting a young boy in the WC