Sunday, August 07, 2011

Virgin Mary appears as dried mango

An Arizona teenager claims the Virgin Mary appeared to him in the form of a piece of dried mango.

The teen was snacking on a bag of dehydrated mango when the piece popped out at him.

After snapping the photo, the teen decided to keep the fruit instead of eating it.

YouTube link.

He has not said if he will try to sell the snack.


The Rat King said...

Looks more like an old Italian grandmother checking the freshness of some fish.

Shakra said...

I think it's amusing that people talk about the miracles of such events and then sell them off on E-bay to the highest bidder.

Insolitus said...

Maybe that is the miracle, being able to sell a slice of dried mango on E-bay. The Holy Virgin is blessing you by giving you some free money.

The Rat King said...

That is actually an interesting though, Insolitus.

After all; the church loves nothing more than fleecing the believers. Peter Popoff is the living proof.