Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elderly lady crashes car through bike shop

Customers at a cycling shop in California escape serious injury after an 86-year-old woman accidentally drives her car into the premises. CCTV shows the customers of the Rock N' Road Cycling shop narrowly escaping the car as it drives through the shop window.

The elderly driver told authorities that she had accidentally pushed the accelerator instead of the break in her Cadillac. The vehicle came to a stop when it crashed into the shop's back wall. The driver was unhurt.

YouTube link.

John Bain who manages the shop said: "It was weird, it was like a blur. It was so loud. It was like someone catapulted her. The driver was completely stone-faced, didn't say a word ... No crying, no tears, no apology".

Marc Stone, Captain of the Orange County Fire Authority, said that if the incident had happened on a Saturday when the shop was busier, the consequences could have been "much, much worse".

There's a news video here.

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kolymatram said...

"i prefer an unhealthy life, so kill all the bikes!"
(maybe she got confused, thought it were dykes & ....)