Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please stop

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Ratz said...

Why cheese of all things? Is this some kind of cultural thing hopefully limited to the colonies?

Piper said...

Yes, Its American cheese.

Bacopa said...

I wish this picture didn't have the crossed out last name. I have a couple of friends named Eric I'd love to email it to.

Anonymous said...

The cheese on the roof prank is of British origin. Back in the 17th century, British folk would sometimes throw chunks of cheese on their thatched roofs in the belief that the natural oils from the cheese would help rain proof the straw/grass.

Since then, the practice morphed into a prank by young wankers thinking that "chucking cheese" was a clever/humorous "joke" LOL, not funny, or true either.

Cheerio 'ole chap