Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raw meat hoarder ordered to clean up mess

A Washtenaw County Circuit Court judge has ordered the cleanup of an Ypsilanti Township condominium littered with raw meat — among other debris, including dead rodents — within 21 days. In a verified petition filed with the court, township attorneys allege Wingate Park condominium owner Elmer Sheldon is hoarding the meat. Sheldon told township building inspectors he is homeless and no longer lives in the condo.

Township officials said Sheldon has owned around eight homes in the township at one time, and all required some form of nuisance abatement action because of unsanitary or blighted conditions. One home at 1810 George St. had to be demolished. Township attorney Dennis McLain wrote in the petition that the meat has caused a severe infestation of rodents, fleas, flies and cockroaches that professional pest control companies haven’t been able to address.

Upon inspecting the property at the end of August, township officials found rotting meat in plastic bags, decaying animals, animal faeces, money strewn throughout the debris, around 30 bicycles, "unknown soft items" in various states of decay, mould and even raw chicken stuffed in the mailbox. Because their skin felt like it was being bit by tiny insects, building officials wore disposable, protective outerwear and respirators while inspecting the home.

Judge Timothy Connors ordered remediation to be performed by a professional catastrophe clean up team and is requiring the removal of any contaminated flooring, drywall, appliances, fixtures and furniture. Wingate and Pasco will be responsible for the initial cost, which will then be passed on to Sheldon. If Sheldon doesn't pay, a lien will be placed on the property.

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I guess this is what happens when mental hospitals are shut down.