Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Best dog' ruins bride's wedding

"Best dog" Iggy left the bride in tears, the groom gutted and guests abandoning the wedding bash to chase tail. Marlene Koenig's dream of a wonderful white wedding at a historic mansion in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia, turned to mud on Saturday when her canine ring-bearer turned tail and took off just after the cutting of the cake. The beautiful bride was left bedraggled, traipsing through mud in torrential rain looking for her party-pooping pooch.

It appears Iggy the Australian bulldog, having discharged her duty and delivered the rings, accompanied two guests out to their car and then chased them as they left. "They believe they saw her get hit by another car and they then lost sight of her. They came back and told me and I decided not to tell anyone so as not to spoil the party, but then I lost it," the bride said.

Mrs Koenig, 37, and new husband Stuart, 38, and 75 family and friends gathered for their wedding at Dalkeith House, and Iggy starred in the ceremony. "She had a special pearl wedding collar, which had our rings clipped to it ... it was always going to be her job to be ring-bearer, she is part of the family."

Mrs Koenig hitched up her ivory dress and ran from the reception, with guests soon joining in hot pursuit. "I was running along Nepean Highway and crying, and people in cars were tooting me." Mrs Koenig spent three days scouring the suburbs and was delighted when Iggy was found safe yesterday. She was philosophical, saying it would be a day to remember. "Of all the many things that could go wrong, I never, ever would have expected what happened would happen," she said.

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Anonymous said...

It's probably a stupid idea to take a dog to a wedding.