Friday, November 25, 2011

Family spare life of oyster with smiley face

A Massachusetts family said they decided to spare the life of an oyster they found with shapes on its shell arranged to resemble a human face.

Eva Carbonaro of Yarmouthport said she and her family were at Scudder Lane town landing in Barnstable Saturday to search for Thanksgiving oysters when they came across the funny-faced oyster among some barnacles and seaweed on the beach.

Carbonaro said she has been keeping the oyster in a bowl of water in her refrigerator and her family has decided to make the creature, which they named Rockefeller, a special guest at Thanksgiving dinner instead of one of the courses.

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"I think he gets a pardon. I couldn't look him in the eye and in good faith go ahead with it," Carbonaro said. "He's definitely going to be a guest of honour at our Thanksgiving dinner." Carbonaro said she plans to look into donating Rockefeller to a local nature museum after the holiday.

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Michael said...

I dunno...kinda looks like Jesus to me.