Monday, November 28, 2011

'Jet Man' Yves Rossy flies in formation with planes over Swiss Alps

A self-styled "jet man" has performed another death-defying stunt - flying alongside two Albatross aircraft above the Swiss Alps.

Adventurer Yves Rossy flew in a custom-built jet suit over the mountain range in formation with the aircraft.

YouTube link.

Rossy, 51, launched himself from the side of a helicopter before taking his place alongside the two jets high above the Alps. The daredevil - who used to fly fighter jets with the Swiss airforce - wears a jet suit which has a wing span of two metres.

The pack weighs around 120lb and is fitted with four engines that enable him to travel at speeds in excess of 125mph. Once the flight was completed, the adventurer safely parachuted back down to the ground.

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