Monday, December 12, 2011

Guy sings 'To all the girls I've loved before'

Contains very NSFW language.

YouTube link.

Guy's website.


Ratz said...

I had to stop eating my lunch when watching this, I was terrified I'd end up choking I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

...this is NOT funny. It's not funny to make fun of a serious disorder. My little brother has Tourettes.
Arbroath: If you like this video, why not post some showing people who stutter badly?

shak said...

@Anonymous - The guy in the video has multiple videos on YouTube singing songs. He does it to make people laugh. I think his attitude is pretty good. A lot of people with Tourettes hide in their homes.

shak said...

It didn't even occur to me until a few minutes ago that you, anonymous, may be thinking that this guy is trying to imitate somebody with Tourettes. The guy actually has Tourettes. He's put out about 88 videos and has a following on YouTube. After looking at some of the comments, I realize that this guy is doing what he loves and educating people on Tourettes at the same time. Had to defend Arbroath here a little.

arbroath said...

Thanks Shak.

@ Anonymous, visit Guy's site and read his story.

Anonymous said...

I visited the site, but I still don't see any humor in the video above. Sad, disturbing, or maybe interesting, but not funny.