Sunday, December 25, 2011

Man dressed as Santa rescues driver from burning vehicle

A former volunteer firefighter in a Santa suit grabbed a man from a burning vehicle and then directed traffic around a two-vehicle traffic accident this week in the Dallas area.

One of Brad Luddeke's annual traditions is to dress up as Santa and deliver gifts and toys collected for families being helped by employees of a manufacturing firm where he works. On the way back to the office from a gift run on Tuesday, Luddeke, 52, was stopped at a traffic light in the Dallas suburb of Coppell when an accident occurred next to him, he said.

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Luddeke sprang into action. He helped the driver in one of the wrecked vehicles get out safely, then turned to assist the driver in the other vehicle, he said. No other people were in either vehicle. When he turned around, he saw that the first victim had returned to his truck to remove some Christmas gifts. Luddeke saw the vehicle had caught fire and grabbed the man just before the truck exploded, he said.

Luddeke then directed traffic around the accident site until police and firefighters arrived. No one was injured, said police in Coppell. "I really just did what anyone would do in that situation," Luddeke said. "I just happened to be wearing a Santa suit."

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Anonymous said...

Good man! I hope he has a wonderful Christmas.