Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Woman who tricked two teenage girls into relationships by disguising herself as a boy faces jail

Gemma Barker, a "mistress of disguise" turned herself into a series of different "boys" to launch "sexual affairs" with two unsuspecting young girls, Guildford Crown Court has heard. Barker, 19, created three separate fictional characters on the internet who went on to introduce themselves to the 16-year-old victims online as potential dates, the court heard. Even though the girls knew Barker well they were totally taken in when she dressed up as two different teenage males and started real-life relationships with them.

The court heard how even the parents of one of the victims were duped by the defendant's guise. The judge Peter Moss remarked that the defendant "involved a convoluted deception of everyone she met." The bizarre affairs "involved kissing, cuddling and groping," Ruby Selva, prosecuting, told the court. "Had either of them realised that the 'boys' with whom they were having relationships was in fact a girl, they would never have consented to what happened," said Ms Selva.

But the defendant was eventually rumbled by the police when one of the girls suspected that the boy she was dating was not who he said he was. Even so, both victims were astounded to discover that they had been having an affair with a girl - and someone they knew well, the court heard. Now Barker, of Staines, Middlesex, is facing a possible prison sentence of up to two years after admitting sexual assault.

Barker, now 20, and who at the time was living in West Molesey, Surrey, pleaded guilty to two specimen charges of sexual assault and one of fraud. She was remanded on bail until March 2 for probation and psychological reports. Adjourning the case, the judge said Barker could be described as "mad and dangerous to know." Barker was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register. Judge Moss warned: "By releasing you on bail, I'm not giving any indication of what the sentence will be."

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Its sad to think that a woman needed to do this. where they hidding there true feelings. Or was she just affrade to be there selves