Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here's a puffer fish chasing a laser pointer

YouTube link.


Anonymous said...

Better give the little guy lotsa bloodworms after that for being such a good sport. Puffers are quite intelligent. They like to people watch.

Ratz said...

Good grief, the nutter was winding the fish up using the laser sight on his gun! Funny though it was, fish don't have eyelids so no blink reaction to save their eyesight if you get it into their eyes. Most also see into the infra-red so even TV remotes are like a torch flashing at them.

Bacopa said...

He doesn't need blloodworms, those gambusia in there with him will have some babies for him to eat.

Gambusia are incredibly adaptable. They can live in low pH blackwater habitats, high pH kaolin rich ponds, brackish water, and even for a few days of water saltier than seawater. Probably why they're such a bad invasive species.