Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thousands of crows invade town

Residents of California, Pennsylvania are frustrated by thousands of crows that have invaded their neighbourhoods, leaving behind a nasty mess every night. People who live in the area where the birds roost say they arrive at dusk and stay until sunrise.

"At 7 in the morning, it's louder than my alarm," said Jess Priest. "It's really bad. It keeps us up at night. They go to the bathroom everywhere. Our cars get destroyed," said Jen Sasko.

California University of Pennsylvania used laser lights to get rid of the crows when they began roosting on campus. That's when they fled to the American Legion on Second Street.

YouTube link.

One woman who lives in the area said she made a scarecrow in hopes of ridding her home of the problem. "One day I was so mad I said I was going to build a scarecrow. I didn't know if they actually worked. I put it in the tree and it didn't work," Bree Robinson said.


Anonymous said...

it's murder out there

Anonymous said...

We're experiencing this in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Cars look like that, sidewalks are slick and stinky, and all surfaces are covered in a thick coat of bird-paint. The city recently spent over $25,000 on the laser light shows, which drove the crows a block away - until the lases stopped and they returned to their roosts. Interesting to see that it's happening in other places as well.